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Low Memory crash events in iOS

There are hundreds of them. Crash reporting tools like HockeyApp, QuincyKit, Crashlytics and many, many others. None are able to capture and track low memory crash events on iOS. Have you ever wondered why? This article will explain you this. How crash reporting tools work Crash reporting tools look into one special folder in application’s directory. /var/mobile/Application/Library/Caches/crashes This folder contains the crash reports generated by iOS when app crashes.

Coordinate system in Sprite Kit

SpriteKit coordinates The coordinate system in Sprite Kit might give you a headache if you didn’t dig deep enough while reading the documentation. In this post I will explain differences between SKScene and SKNode when it comes to coordinate system in Sprite Kit. SKScene Sprite Kit uses a coordinate system orientation that starts from the bottom left corner of the screen (0, 0), and the x and y values increase as you move up and to the right.

Advertising Identifier in iOS

What is IDFA? Let’s decipher the acronym first. IDFA stands for Identifier for Advertising. Apple documentation says that IDFA is an identifier that can be used only for serving advertisements. An alphanumeric string unique to each device, used only for serving advertisements. It is similar to UIDevice’s property identifierForVendor but (and that’s a very big but) its value is the same for all vendors. In short words, it uniquely identifies the iDevice.

CMMotionManager noise reduction in iOS

CMMotionManager lets us access data from various motion sensors like accelerometer or gyroscope on iOS device. However, in many situations, the data we get from CMMotionManager is not smooth. Basically it contains noise. This article presents a way to smooth the accelerometer readings using a Low Pass Filter. An accelerometer reading in iOS is modelled by CMAcceleration which is nothing more than a simple struct: typedef struct { double x; double y; double z; } CMAcceleration; x, y and z are values of acceleration in G‘s (gravitational force unit) along x, y and z axis.

Playing sounds in Sprite Kit using SKAction

This article discusses adding sound effects to a Sprite Kit project using SKAction and provides you with a couple of tips and tricks and useful code snippets. It also explains performance issues that may appear when dealing with sounds not in the best, most efficient way and gives insights into how to avoid these problems. Using SKAction There are many ways you can play sounds in Sprite Kit game. The easiest way of playing a sound file is using a SKAction.

iOS NSRunLoop in a nutshell

What is a NSRunLoop? A run loop is an event processing loop that you use to schedule work and coordinate the receipt of incoming events. The purpose of a run loop is to keep your thread busy when there is work to do and put your thread to sleep when there is none. That’s what docs say. Each thread, including the application’s main thread, has an associated NSRunLoop object.