Rafał Sroka

Software Developer


ZG, Switzerland

Rafał has been a full-time software developer since 2010, focused on developing consumer and enterprise iOS applications (ObjC, Swift) - always passionate about iOS development.

He also worked on app backends (Python, .NET) and frontends (Angular). He’s recently got himself into CI/CD and automation topics (GitHub Actions, Xcode Cloud, Azure) as well as the DevOps side of running the backend apps (Kubernetes, GitOps, ArgoCD).

He is a big fan of well-designed APIs, one-click deploys, good UX, even better UI and being agile like a monkey. Scrum is his favorite way to work.

Where you can find Rafał

If you want to work with him, have an interesting project he could join or just want to say hi, feel free to add him as a connection on LinkedIn. You can always ask for his CV and portfolio or check out his open-source work on GitHub.

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