iOS apps supporting Amboss medical knowledge platform.

Two iOS apps supporting Amboss medical knowledge platform, a smart learning system for medical students and physicians. The apps are available in the AppStore.

Medical Knowledge Library (Wissen)

The AMBOSS Medical Knowledge Library app is a learning card library which contains resources for medical students and clinicians. The app offers full offline functionality (CoreData).

Search page. Learning card details. Image with an overlay.
AMBOSS Knowledge app in the App Store (2018). The users really liked the app.

Qbank (Kreuzen)

The AMBOSS Qbank app for UMSLE® Step and NBME® Shelf exams is a question bank, exam preparation and study resource for medical students. The app works online and offline and it’s cross-linked with the Medical Knowledge app.

List of study sessions. Case study. Image view. App Store app page.

Apps in action

The following video shows the features available in QBank and Knowledge apps.