Social discovery iOS app and backend API.

The bubble animations were based on Chipmunk2D rigid body physics library. The app communicated with the backend using socket API.

igobubble was a social discovery app that helped users make friends with people nearby and share photos, videos, and messages in virtual living bubbles at real world locations. It integrated location-aware social networking with continuously evolving digital content.

The igobubble iOS app showcased on iPhone 5 (2012).

Users used their smartphone’s to leave digital content like photos, videos, messages and more inside bubbles at any location. After users left, their bubbles stayed behind for others to discover.

The bubbles were invisible to the naked eye but they could have been found and viewed using the igobubble app. In addition, the bubbles evolved in real time and could have been modified, moved and cloned. Bubbles also grew, divided, multiplied and spread with interaction and shrank with negligence.

I worked on the iOS app and .NET C# backend API.