iOS game, space shooter, written in Swift using SpriteKit

Full source code of a working iOS game. Yet another take on a space shooter game. The game falls into Shoot ‘em up video games genre. It is written in Swift and uses SpriteKit- graphics rendering and animation infrastructure built into iOS. All vector graphics and image assets created in Inkscape and GIMP.

Interesting topics covered during the development

  • Particle systems (e.g. jet engine burst in player’s spaceship)
  • Collision detection
  • HUD, buttons + joystick
  • Sound effects and background music

Technologies used

  • Swift (Xcode)
  • SpriteKit
  • Vector graphics (Inkscape, GIMP)

What could be improved

The app was created as a multi-weekend project long time ago. It is updated to run in the latest IDEs, but couple of things could be either added or improved. Not having time to do it is the problem.

  • iPad support
  • Internationalization
  • Moving images and colors to asset catalogs
  • Adding more abstraction for constants (now constants are spread spread among multiple source files)
  • Improving enemy creation logic to make enemies spawn faster
  • Adding new enemy types
  • More weapons
  • Scrolling background (parallax style)
  • Adding tests