Mobile shopping iOS app with custom Tinder-like feed animations.

Mobile shopping iOS app exclusively for women. The app helped users find, discover and purchase pre-loved clothing. It was a mixture of social features of Facebook, auctioning services of eBay and ease of use of Tinder. TrendU was the first mobile marketplace for fashion in Germany exclusively for women.

I was responsible for the development and release process of the app.

A product in a Tinder-like feed. Grid of products.

Ladies only was the motto. Users could browse the products or take part in virtual shopping parties dedicated to a selected brand or theme, such as evening dresses.

Marketing materials showing the app. Paypal as a payment option and Tinder-like feed.
List of the shopping parties. Party details. Product details.
News showing recent activity of the sellers. A collection of brands for product filtering. Rating of the app - the users loved it.